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Book Review – Friends with Benefits by Lisa Swift


Could Mr Right-Now actually be Mr Right?

Lexie Whittle thought she had life all sewn up, with a gorgeous husband, a beautiful home, and an utterly delightful teenage stepson. Until husband Daryl announced he was leaving to work overseas… and everything changed.

A year later, Daryl and Lexie’s marriage is practically over. Lexie is fighting to stay on top of the bills, juggling her job at the Blue Parrot 1940s cafe in Leyholme with being mum and dad to Connor in Daryl’s absence.

The only thing keeping her sane is the support she gets from Connor’s godfather: Theo Blake, Daryl’s former business partner. Theo might be a jack-the-lad, drifting from one woman to another, but Lexie knows she and Connor can always depend on him in times of need.

After one too many glasses of wine leads to them falling into bed together, Lexie and Theo begin a friends-with-benefits relationship. It starts as just sex, but it doesn’t take long for deeper feelings to develop.

But when Daryl returns, Lexie is faced with some difficult decisions. Will she be forced to choose between her love for Theo and the boy she sees as a son?

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My Review

This was a book that was so much more than just friends with benefits. Without giving anything away there was several really important, deep topics covered in this book. Which I thought was great and added that something special to the typical friends with benefits situation.

I thought it was written well and you really got to understand both points of view from a step mum and a teenager going through difficult times. As we have all been a teen, we know how hard those years can be. Lucky Lexie was the perfect step mum, as he was step son. I loved their relationship and special bond they had. They got on well and really wanted the best for each other which was sweet – they really were an amazing duo.

I loved Theo and Lexie’s relationship. I thought they both stepped up and really cared about Connor. Which is all you could want, after what he had been though. They were both amazing and I was routing for them from their first drunk evening together. They had great chemistry – it was great witnessing how Theo brought out Lexie’s naughty side and Lexie brought out Theo’s softer side. Of course it was never going to be as straight forward as they both expected.

Connor’s point of view and character were definitely my favourite, what a great kid! I It did make me laugh how he see things before the grown-ups in his life, intelligent and switched on. He was funny with what he come out with. I love how kids have no filter. 

I wanted Daryl to have a chance to prove himself and felt for him too. After all everyone is dealing with things in their own way. Which was a really good message.

A really lovely, enjoyable book that was also very funny in places, which was a great mix from the serious issues. I’m glad I got to read this and be part of the blog tour. Thank you 😊

Author Bio – Lisa Swift grew up in rural West Yorkshire in the UK, right in the heart of Brontë country… and she’s still there. After graduating from Durham University with a degree in English Literature, she dallied with living in cities including London, Nottingham and Cambridge, but eventually came back with her own romantic hero in tow to her beloved Dales, where she first started telling stories about heroines with flaws and the men who love them.

Lisa also writes romantic comedies under the pen name Mary Jayne Baker.

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