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Book Review – One Summer In Santorini by Sandy Barker

I cannot rave enough about this book. It’s definitely gone in my top books of all time. I love travelling, Greek food and romance so it’s no wonder I loved it so much. 

Sarah recently single and loves to travel, goes on a sailing trip around the Greek islands. Sworn off men, after an awful ex, she just wants to enjoy what the trip has to offer. Little does she know, fate has other ideas for her. A handsome American man and a silver fox both wanting her attention. 

I loved the whole story behind this. Sandy pulled me right in and I was hooked and fell in love from the beginning. I felt like I was there with Sarah on her journey. (If only) I wanted to shake her at her at times for her decisions (we all have been there) Yet other times totally on her side and loved how girlie she was. What a fab, endearing character, I just loved her. I loved the friendships she formed with Marie and Hannah. Josh  was great too and funny. Oh boy did he say and get things wrong at times. But what a dish of a character, definitely up there with feta. The silver fox was charming, rich and promising to give Sarah the world. Someone you don’t often get to meet. All the other characters were great too. What a wonderful sailing family Sarah had. 

Santorini and the Greek islands, Naxos, Syros, Ios, Mykonos is on my to do list and even more so after reading this book. As soon as I finished this book I was researching the islands and sailing trips. 

Let’s talk about the food- god Sandy didn’t disappoint, told it just how it is. I’ve lived in Cyprus before and so am very much in love with the food. Delicious and out of this world. You can’t beat a Greek salad and crappy greek wine 😂 

I loved the acknowledgements in this and where the idea for the story come about. Just wonderfully romantic. It really was a nice end to this brilliant story. 

Did I mention I loved this book? 

Book Review

Book Review – The Recovery of Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

This wasn’t a book originally on my radar to read. So, when the girls in my book club said about it, I checked it and it sounded good. I was intrigued.

Rose gold believed she was sick for 18 years. She thought she needed the feeding tube, the doctor visits and the wheelchair. Turns out her mother Patty was a good liar. Fast forward to five years. Patty is being released from prison and Rose Gold now has a little boy. Wanting to make things right, Patty asks to move in with Rose Gold. Of course, no matter what her mum did to her as a child, she relents and lets her. Is she mad?…..

The story is told from both characters points of views. First off both characters really annoyed me. They weren’t two of the strongest characters in a story, but I think that was the whole point. I then got to warm to Rose, even though I did question a lot of her behaviour. I just felt for her and wanted her to feel loved and accepted. Without giving too much away, I did at first think where was her real dad?! Why didn’t he stick around?, so I was glad when we found out and what happened after that (sorry no spoilers here) . However I really didn’t like Patty. At first I couldn’t work out why she would do that to her own child. Also when she moved in with Rose, I just couldn’t trust her.

I found the story disturbing too. Which is probably why it took me a little while to get into it .… .

However, I did like the way the story jumped back and forward between each character leaving you wanting to know what was going to happen next. Each chapter, kept me wanting more, which is what a book is about after all.

It was slow but done in a way that kept you wanting answers to the questions going around in your head. When I hit the 60% mark, I was completely hooked. The story sped up. Things slowing started to unravel and everything become clear. I loved the twists in it too. It was brilliant!

I’m really glad I branched out and read this.

If you have read this, did you enjoy it? If you haven’t read, give it a go and let me know your thoughts please.

Book Review

Book Review: The Holiday by T.M. Logan


A nice holiday planned with your oldest friends, partners and kids in the gorgeous sunshine. What could go wrong?! I’m a bit late with this book and have read everyone’s amazing feedback on this so had to bump it up on my TBR. 

I am glad I did as I absolutely loved this book and it had me hooked from the beginning.

I cannot say to much as I don’t want to give any spoilers away but I loved the plot behind this. It really did keep me guessing right until the end, with so much drama and suspense throughout. I love it when books are not predictable and you just can’t work out what’s going to happen.

I found their friendships to be very messy, full of secrets and most of the time hard work. It’s surprising they even went on the holiday together, definitely won’t be another!! .

Who does Kate think is having an affair with her husband….For people that have read this. I didn’t guess. Did you work it out?

I was glad I had @bookish_and_brews to discuss my surprises and suspense with when I was reading it. So thank you again.