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Book review: The First date by Zara Stoneley

I was lucky to be approved this from Netgalley and knew it be a book I would love by the blurb. I wasn’t wrong! I read it in 2 and a half days. It was amazing. Funny, full of warmth, chemistry and two brilliant characters it’s a must read.

Meet Rosie, who has recently split up from her childhood sweetheart. Strong minded yet clueless at dating she joins a dating website. However, her first date doesn’t go to plan, with him not turning up. But fate has other ideas for her. I absolutely loved Rosie, I loved how she knew what she wanted and spoke her mind at all times. Having a tough up brining she clearly had a lot going on emotionally and just wanted to be part of a strong, trusting relationship.

Now meet serial dater Noah, full of confidence, funny and only after fun. Turns up at the right time, but clearly definitely the wrong guy for Rosie! Can he help Rosie with getting her dating skills up to scratch to get her the man she wants from her list? If I was single, Noah is the sort of man I would want to meet LOL! What a guy!! I love how he brought out the best of Rosie and really cared for her, whilst helping her to get dates.

Overall I loved the story it was sweet, exciting and full of many laugh out loud moments. I need to read more by Zara now. I’m a sucker for boy meets girl stories and will never get bored of them no matter how many times I’ve read them. Who else loves these?

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Book review: Very Nearly Normal by Hannah Sunderland

Firstly, I must thank my lovely friend @the.tattooed.reader for telling me how amazing this book was. Her review was fab. I was then lucky enough to be approved on @netgalley  Thank you!

Wow what a book. I absolutely loved it. It had everything you could want in a story and more. I was gripped from the first page. The emotion was up there with the best I’ve read in a long time. It made you really get to know the characters and feel what they were going through. The romance was lovely too. I do love it when there is a will, they won’t they plot. I also loved the twist. It come out of nowhere which was great.

All the characters were so heart-warming. I really enjoyed getting to know all of them. My favourite had to be Effie. Just a normal woman struggling with her mental health. Living with her parents, drinking wine every night for comfort. Apart from her job which she loves, working in a book shop. She really needed something to change.
Fate then brings Theo into her life. Could he be her chance at happiness? Or is the secret he is hiding too big.

Completely heart-breaking this is a must read. I loved the message from this book ‘keep going, even when you feel like its all too much. You really do not know, what’s around the corner’.

Make a list of your dreams, wishes too! Because who doesn’t like ticking things off. I know this book will stick in my mind for a long time. I have already wrote my list to tick off. Who else reads a book and it changes them? or how they see life?

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Book Review: The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth

I had to read this first because of the title and when I read the synopsis it sounded intriguing and brilliant. It did not disappoint. If you read my Instagram page regularly Readinginlipstick you will know I am actually very fond of my mother in law. We get on great and most of my books I’m given comes from her, how could I not love her and yes I know I am very lucky.

Lucy meets Ollie and falls in love. After losing her mum years ago Lucy is looking forward to having that motherly connection again with her mother in law Diana and hopes she is the wonderful mother in law she has dreamed of. After all Ollie’s family seem perfect. Yet that doesn’t quiet go to plan. Fast forward 5 years and Diana has been found dead. A suicide note claiming she no longer wanted to live due to having cancer, yet the autopsy finds no traces of cancer. What is found is poison and suffocation. What happened? why did Diana want to kill herself?

I absolutely loved this story; it had the right amount of emotion, drama and warmth with an edge to it too. I was hooked all throughout especially with the secrets unravelling, keeping you guessing what had happened to Diana. As much as it was filled with drama it did have me laughing in places when both ladies come up against each other.

The characters were great my favourite being both Lucy and Diana. I love how the story was told from both their points of view, past and present. They were both so likeable even with their differences you could tell they loved their family and would have done anything for them.

I did keep comparing it to my own family situation and would really hate it if my mother in law didn’t approve of me. That would be the worse. As much as it was filled with drama it did have me laughing in places when both ladies come up against each other.

How many secrets can one family have…..

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Book Review: My Great Ex-Scape by Portia Macintosh

This was a fun, chick lit read with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Just what was needed after some intense books. .

Imagine being dumped live on tv and winning 50,000 at the same time…..
Could a bunch of flowers send you on a trip to track down all of your ex’s and end up in New York. It can if you are Rosie and are clearly not thinking straight. I really liked Rosie and think a lot of us women could relate to her. We have all been there dumped, brokenhearted and are quick to jump at a new adventure or act crazy! I was interested to know if Rosie could turn her heartbreak around after being so unlucky in love.

Without giving too much away Rosie had a right mix of ex’s ranging from the lovely one you would totally want as a best friend, the sweetheart marriage material one, to the player you would not want to go near! I really loved Rosies relationship with her parents and also the strong bond and many laugh out loud moments she had with Eli. The swimming pool chapter was hilarious! .

This was my first Portia book and I really enjoyed it so will definitely be reading more of her books. I also really want to go on a cruise now, just maybe not a silver linings one! If you read it you will get why – haha !

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Book Review: Wishes Under A Starlit Sky by Lucy Knott

I absolutely loved this book, it really was the most perfect Christmas book that has a bit of everything in it. I really didn’t want it to end.

This is a beautiful story based on a life long friendship, new friendships, family and finding who you really are when you find out your husband wants different things to you and calls for a break in the relationship. Not to forget the delicious festive food and drink that is described throughout. Just wow! .

The special bond and friendship between Harper and Madi was definitely my most favourite bit. I don’t think I’ve read a book where two characters were more like sisters than friends and would do anything for the other one, it was just very lovely.

I loved all the time spent in Colorado; all the new friends they made and the special times they had with Harper’s parents. What wonderful characters these all were. Lucy made this sound the most magical, snowy, beautiful place on earth. I really want to go, especially to do yoga under the stars.

Lucy also mentions my favourite Cotswold place Bourton-on-the-water and describes it just as beautiful as it is. I loved the time Harper spent here and the new friends she met, especially Dr Dean.

What a wonderful festive book with the most loveliest ending.
Perfect to end leading up to Christmas with so thank you Lucy. I will definitely be checking out your other books. .
Have a wonderful merry Christmas all ❤️✨🎄 thank you @netgalley for this copy.


Saturday stack : self care

Seeing as it was blue Monday this week and what feels like the longest month ever I have done my Saturday book stack based on books to do with self care.
After all loving ourselves is so important and instead of being called selfish at times for doing what we want to do; I prefer the term self care.
Do what makes you feel good for both your health and happiness.

I love all of these books and haven’t finished them all but love to go back to when I’m feeling like I need a pick me up or just to read views and words of wisdom from these great authors. Plus I love positivity and these really feel you with that. None of us are perfect, we can all learn a lot and develop from reading others stories.

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Book Review: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

I don’t always give stars on my reviews but this was definitely a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/5

After having this book for ages on my to be read pile. I finally got around to reading this on a buddy read with some lovely ladies on Instagram. The only negative thing I can stay about this book is why the heck didn’t I pick this up sooner!

It pulled me in and completely captivated me from the very first page. I’m really getting into my thrillers and this was perfect for me with the right amount of intensity. I could easily have read this in a day but I wanted to enjoy and process the brilliance of it.

This is well written and very cleverly done.

I loved how Alex keeps you guessing the whole way through and brings in different characters to get you thinking what do they have to do with Alicias story. I was thinking all sorts throughout and kept changing my mind on things.

I cannot say too much as I don’t want to give anything away but if this is on your #tbr pile please pick it up ASAP. You won’t be disappointed.

I did not guess the ending at all. Did you? Did anyone feel sorry for Alicia? Did you like Theo?

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Book Review: Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty

☕️🍷Review Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty ☕️🍷 I didn’t really know what to make of this like if I enjoyed it or not.

Sounds weird but some parts I really liked and others really put me off liking the book and I couldn’t wait to finish it. On a positive note it did keep me up until 1am one night, so I clearly was engrossed in some parts.

The story is set around two different Facebook groups just for women; the non mums and then the mothers of the local town. It started off by Poppy who was betrayed by her husband with her best friend. She wasn’t happy about ladies at work getting special mummies privileges and a mother group on Facebook so made her own. Thanks to some help with her new friend Annalise.

What I liked was the friendship between Poppy and Annalise and how Annalise picked Poppy up and was there for her. Also as with every story there was Jack the good guy, who I was interested to see what would happen with him.

What I didn’t like was both sets of Facebook groups, they just seemed so childish. The drama between the two groups; the non mums and the mothers group was just silly. There was a lot of unnecessary drama all thanks to social media. Which is really big these days so I guess I could see where Nicola was going with this sorry but it just was too bitchy for my liking. Who needs drama in their life after all! I also didn’t like Poppy’s mum, she irritated me!

The one thing I could relate to with Poppy and this story is the pressure to have children when you don’t have any or being asked why you don’t have any. I could feel Poppy’s frustrations.
Nicola had some strong messages in this book; that we are all equal women, we should build each other up not be against other women and everyone goes through things others don’t know about 💞let’s be kind always.

Sorry it’s a review of negative and positive bits✌🏼

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Book Review : The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Old friends spending New Year’s Eve together at a lodge in the Scottish wilderness leaves one person dead. Who was the murderer? .

I loved this book and was captivated from the start. A brilliant murder mystery that I devoured in a few days. It did take me a little while to get my head around all the characters and I had to write down notes of who each of the characters were so I could refer back to. Does anyone else do that? .

After that I soon got into the swing of who was who and found the story really intriguing and loved the whole who done it. I loved how the story was told from multiple perspectives as you got a real feel for each of the characters. From this it also got you thinking who would have motives to kill and got you guessing who the person who died was. There were twists and stories unravelling that I didn’t guess or see coming which also kept the suspense of the murderer. Did anyone guess right? I did have my suspicion of the victim but I couldn’t work out who the murderer was. If you haven’t read this, I highly recommend it. .

Now to choose what to read next. I have started to branch out from my usual genre to the more deeper, mystery thriller style books. Saying that after watching You season 2 and reading this book I think I could do with a nice romance/chick lit book now.

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Book Review: A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan

🎄📚Review A wedding in December by Sarah Morgan🎄📚

I’m a huge fan of Sarah Morgan and this book didn’t disappoint, it was fab! A Christmas wedding in a beautiful dreamy snow resort in the mountains and you have the perfect book.

Rosie and Dan are two lovely people in love, who after eleven weeks of dating are getting married. They both have really good support networks with their families wanting everything in life to be perfect for them. This includes Dan’s mum Catherine organising the wedding and Rosie’s family flying out at short notice to attend yet was it too soon to be getting married?

I love how the story is told from three different views; Rosie, her sister Katie and their mum Maggie. I loved them all and each of their stories. Rosie for her impulsive, hopeless romantic ways always trying to please everyone. Katie for being the caring over protective sister with issues she would rather keep to herself than burden her family. Maggie whose mission is to do best by her daughters and be the best mum yet on the brink of divorce from their dad.  Not to forget her great sense of humour. I had many laugh out loud moments with Maggie and her ways…the bedroom scene! With the help of Catherine. What a funny duo they were.

All the characters I warmed to instantly, even Katie. I loved the chemistry between her and Jordan. He took no nonsense yet was very lovely.  I was hoping he would crack her and make her realise she deserved some happiness after everything she has been through.

I wrote this review wishing I was at Snowfall lodge in Colorado. I imagined being in one of the tree houses with a book enjoying the spectacular scenery, blissful or what! It really does sound the best place ever. Who wants to join me on a trip to Colorado?

I would recommend this book if you are after a cosy, feel good romantic Christmas book to curl up with on these cold nights with a hot chocolate.