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Book Review – What Now? By Shari Low

I jumped at the chance to read and review this when Rachel sent out the blog tour. Thank you very much for letting me be part of this tour. I read What If? and fell in love with all the of characters, especially Carly. I had to know what they was up to twenty years later…..


The follow-up sequel to the bestselling ‘What If?’ from Shari Low

Twenty years ago, Carly Cooper went on an epic quest to track down all the men she’d ever loved and lost in the hope that one of them was her Mr Right.

Now, two decades and two teenage sons later, she thinks she might have got it all wrong.

As the years have passed, lots of things have changed, leaving Carly asking ‘What Now?’

With a divorce and an empty nest on the horizon, Carly sets off once more to Los Angeles with her band of trusty girlfriends, to find the carefree, wild and adventurous Carly Cooper that she used to be.

On this latest quest, Carly discovers a few home truths and has to decide If her marriage is worth saving or is there a new happy-ever-after out there, just waiting for her…

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My Review

Shari Low has done it again, she has created a book that will leave you feeling happy and sad, make you laugh, yet also cry. I wanted to grab my favourite girls and hug them close with lots of wine flowing. Hopefully one day soon girls!

How happy I was to hear from Carly again, whose point of view the story is told from. Carly Cooper is a legend with the best friends you ever could want. They have the best friendship and are more like family. Think Sex and The City and twenty years later add family/kids into the mix. 

Carly has changed from the carefree and adventurous women she was before. Which left me feeling sad for her and wanting her to get back to feeling more like herself, just maybe not as wild this time! Of course her friends wasn’t going to let her suffer alone. 

Carly’s trip to LA was an experience. I love how all the girls had her back. The fun they had together was great. I really cannot wait for holidays again with my girls. It really is a funny book, filled with lots of laugh out moments, which is exactly what I needed right now in lockdown. There was also heartache, and I really felt for them all but the bond the girls shared was very special. I was glad to read even with the heartache Carly was still hilarious!

Sam was the best friend/ex you could ever want, with that dream house in LA. I really want to go to LA and even more so after reading this book.

Mark still had something about him and I felt sad for him at the beginning. I was still torn as much as the first book with who I liked more out of Carly’s lovers! LOL.

I absolutely love the writing style and the characters Shari creates. Also, Aunt Val deserves a massive shout out as she was just brilliant and a ray of sunshine. On the opposite scale we have Estelle well wasn’t she a piece of work!

Each chapter kept me wanting more. I literally did not want this to end, equally though I wanted to know if Carly got her happy-ever-after.

If you haven’t read What If? I highly recommend it, just because it’s great. Even though this book explains everything that happened in the first book, the first book was just as fabulous and funny as the ladies were a lot younger and finding their way in life.

Romance, heartache, friendships, forever love and trips to New York and LA. What is not to love?!

Here’s to us all living our best lives, with our soulmates 😊

Author Bio – 

Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 25 novels, including One Day In Summer and My One Month Marriage and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow.

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Book Review – The Little Swiss Ski Chalet by Julie Caplin


It’s time to pack your bags and head to the breathtaking, snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps for velvety hot chocolates, delicious cheeses and a gorgeous love story…

Food technician Minna has always believed that chocolate will solve everything – and it’s just what she needs when her latest relationship mishap goes viral!

So with her bags packed and a new determination to sort her life out, Minna decides to drown her sorrows with the best hot chocolate in the world at her godmother’s cosy Swiss chalet. Chocolate: yes. Romance: no. Until she has a run in on an Alpine train with a mysterious but oh-so-gorgeous stranger…

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My Review

Full of chemistry, romance, friendship and family history set in a Swiss village. With a stunning mountain scenery, which sounded absolutely beautiful.

I absolutely loved this book. It gave me all the winter feels. I would love nothing more than to escape to the Swiss chalet and go skiing. Not that I can ski! Maybe Luke could teach me.

I loved how the book started and where it lead to. Definitely one of those ones that reminds you that everything happens for a reason. But god what a little weasel Simon was!! I hated how he made Mina feel, which then led her to question all her positive attributes.

Mina, strong, independent, impulsive and outgoing. A social butterfly, with a passion for life and food, which I found endearing. She loved adventures, travelling and was always planning her next trip. She sounds very familiar to myself with the travelling bug so it was no wonder I adored her. I thought she was a brilliant character and one I would love to be friends with.

I really enjoyed reading about Mina and the relationship with her godmother Amelie. Their bond was very special and Amelie was another wonderful character. I loved the friendships they both formed with everyone, yet that’s no surprise when they literally spoke to anyone.

Luke – positive handsome Luke. I loved how Mina saw him, yet there was more to him then she realised. I liked the anticipation of this storyline and thought it was done perfectly.

I love how my favourite word serendipity was the basis of this book. I am a firm believer in it and this word describes this book perfectly.

There were many strong messages in the book especially about happiness – it really is the most important thing and my favourite lines being:

“It’s simple: do things that make you feel glad to be alive. And avoid the things that don’t.“

“Things in life happen which you can’t stop, but you can choose how you react to them. You can choose to be positive or negative, happy or sad, angry or calm.”

I also loved the way Julie described life, she had the perfect way of telling the story, one of my favourite sentences :

“Being with him was like drinking champagne all the time. She felt dizzy and sparkly, energised and excited” now they are the best feelings described!

I highly recommend grabbing a hot chocolate and getting cosy under a blanket to read this delightful, winter book.

Author Bio –

Julie Caplin, formerly a PR director, swanned around Europe for many years taking top food and drink writers on press trips (junkets) sampling the gastronomic delights of various cities in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Copenhagen and Switzerland. It was a tough job but someone had to do it.

These trips have provided the inspiration and settings for her Romantic Escapes series which have been translated into fifteen different languages.

The first book in the seven strong series, The Little Café in Copenhagen, was shortlisted for a Romantic Novel of the Year Award.

Social Media Links – @JulieCaplin Twitter

Instagram @juliecaplinauthor

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Book Review – The Boardwalk by the Sea – Winter Whimsy by Georgina Troy


Zip up your puffer coat, winter has arrived!

When Lexi Davies discovers that her father has sold the fishermen’s cottages she runs as holiday lets and where she also lives, she is heartbroken. Then, when Oliver Whimsy arrives at the boardwalk and announces that he is the new owner, Lexi realises that the future she was looking forward to enjoying at her cottages is over. 

Oliver might be handsome, wealthy and very sexy, but he’s new to the island and has already made a terrible impression on the locals. When he offers Lexi a job, she’s unsure whether she should accept. Unfortunately, she has little alternative if she wants a roof over her head for the winter.

As Lexi gets to know Oliver better, she discovers there’s far more to Oliver Whimsy than she or anyone else had imagined. Just what is the heartache Oliver’s trying so desperately to hide and why was he so determined to buy the cottages? Lexi wants to find out, but in order to do so she’s going to have to spend time with him… 

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My Review

This really was a sweet book, based on friendships, family and romance. A great book to curl up with and escape these cold evenings and what’s going on in the world.

Strong, kind, lovely independent Lexi, who was having family issues after her dad sold her beloved cottages. Making her lose her job and her home. I really liked her and felt for her straight away, she was a lot calmer in situations where I would have been raging! I also liked how she had her own mind and wasn’t afraid to say what she thought.

Lucky Lexi had the most wonderful friends, Sacha, Bella and Jools. Always having fun, with their café meetings, little parties and walks along the beach together. As well as fun, they were always there for Lexi. I love how angry they were on her behalf for situations relating to her dad and his new girlfriend Gloria. I thought Gloria was evil!! Not all us step mums are like her! Without any spoilers she was next level!

Oliver – handsome, generous and caring. I thought people were too quick to judge him. I haven’t read the previous book to know too much about him, but I thought he deserved a chance and was glad Lexi had no other option but to give him one. 

The seaside setting was beautiful, I’ve never been to Jersey before – it sounds idyllic. I say this every time I read a book by the seaside, but I really would love to live by the sea. This book had all the beautiful feels of the seaside. There was a warm community spirit here, that made you want to jump in the book and join in the winter fun.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series Spring Siren which is based on Lexi’s friend Jools. Which I hope also gives us an update on Lexi and her life, as I feel I need to know more about how things were left. I have questions that need answers!! 🙂

Author Bio – Georgina Troy is a pseudonym of author Deborah Carr, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Poppy Field, Broken Faces and the Mrs Boots series.

She was a finalist in the Contemporary Romance Category of the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards 2016 (RoNAs) with A Jersey Kiss, book 1 in her Jersey Scene series.

Georgina lives on the island of Jersey with her husband and three rescue dogs and is 1/3 of The Blonde Plotters.

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Instagram: @AJerseyWriter

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Book Review – The Heiress’s Pregnancy Surprise by Donna Alward


A VIP assignment…
an unexpected consequence!

Ex-SAS officer Jacob Wolfe’s latest job, as aristocrat Charlotte Pemberton’s bodyguard, is pushing him to his limits. Never one to step over the line, he’s determined to ignore their intense connection. Until a single dance leads to a forbidden kiss… and Jacob is tempted to break all his rules. But their resulting night together has an unexpected consequence…

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My Review

I really enjoyed reading this romantic and charming book. I loved the writing style and the descriptive words.  I’ve grown really fond of Harlequin books and find it the perfect means of escapism. This book was no different.

Charlotte Pemberton, what a character. I adored her from the beginning, the way she was and carried herself. Even the name is stunning! A beautiful, strong yet sweet, career women with hidden depths. Her main priority was work and due to her past experiences, which we found out later on, she found it hard to trust people. Hosting her first fashion show in New York, she was there to work – no mixing business with pleasure!

Jacob a caring, hardworking, body guard that was hired to look after Charlotte on her trip to New York. As soon as they got put together, you could feel the chemistry and the connection. As much as Charlotte didn’t want a bodyguard I thought they were great together. With Jacob one to stick by the rules, he looked after Charlotte from a professional view and soon realised she wasn’t the princess he expected. Which only complicated matters even more so, as they both knew that nothing could happen between them! 

I loved the suspense of this, knowing they were both holding back. It kept you reading and invested to see what was going to happen. The author had me captivated and intrigued all throughout.  

This had two perfect settings:

I loved the New York setting, the fashion element, the apartment and Charlotte’s outfits. I was getting Sex and the City vibes. I wanted to go to Aurora and shop until I dropped!

Also Chatsworth Manor sounded delightful. I loved the Chatsworth gardens the best and the flowers in it, how pretty and serene. No wonder Charlotte felt so at ease there. I thought it was described wonderfully. As was the mouth-watering food throughout the book. 

As well as romance and chemistry this book had a nice humour to it – the plane scene going to New York. The whisky drinking at Chatsworth Manor. Stephen playing the perfect big brother role. The way he was had me in giggles.

I highly recommend reading this and hope you love it as much as I did.

Author Bio – While bestselling author Donna Alward was busy studying Austen, Eliot and Shakespeare, she was also losing herself in the breathtaking stories created by romance novelists like LaVyrle Spencer and Judith McNaught.  Several years after completing her degree she decided to write a romance of her own and it was true love! Five years and ten manuscripts later she sold her first book and launched a new career. While her heartwarming stories of love, hope, and homecoming have been translated into several languages, hit bestseller lists and won awards, her very favorite thing is when she hears from happy readers.

Donna lives on Canada’s east coast. When she’s not writing she enjoys reading (of course!), knitting, gardening, cooking…and is a Masterpiece Theater addict.  You can visit her on the web at and join her mailing list at .

Social Media Links – Facebook:  Twitter: @DonnaAlward  IG: donnaalward

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Book Review – In Pursuit of Happiness by Freya Kennedy

I loved this book very much and was so glad to be part of the blog tour.


The world is waiting…but just outside of your comfort zone.

Jo Campbell is perfectly content in a perfectly structured life.
Nothing ever changes in Jo’s life, and she likes it that way.
Or at least, she tells herself she does.
Most of the time, she manages to push down the tiny voice that tells her to chase her dream and maybe, just maybe, open her battered and bruised heart up to love.
But to chase her dreams she needs to take chances that are way out of her comfort zone and learn to not put other people’s happiness above her own.
Most of all she has to learn to trust her heart, which may just be the biggest challenge of all.

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What a lovely feel good book, just what was needed with the current climate. It was nice to lose myself into a heart-warming read and forget about the virus! 

A book based on believing in yourself, friendship, romance,family and moving on from the past. Filled with endearing characters. All of which I really enjoyed getting to know. I also really enjoyed the setting of this book, especially One Upon A book. I need to read The Hopes and Dreams of Libby Quinn. She seems wonderful and I want to know more about her and how she got that amazing book shop with a coffee shop in. What a perfect combination. 

Jo a beautiful soul, who doesn’t believe in herself, even though she should, as she has a lot going for her. Who also happens to loves Mac Russian Red lipstick, just like me. She’s at a stage in her life where she needs to put herself out there with the book she’s been writing, it doesn’t come easy for her to chase this dream. Luckily, she had the best friends and family to help give her the push she needed. Who were all very special. They really were the best support network a girl could have.

Clara her little 6-year-old sister, was a right little darling and such a sweetie. She did make me laugh how she come out with little sayings. Her favourite breakfast of soft-boiled eggs and solider is my favourite too. I loved the story line around her too, as sad as it was in places, it added something different to the story. 

I did think what the gorgeous George Clooney look alike Ewan McLachlan had to offer, was a bit out there but when you have a dream you would follow that route and go for it. Oh, how nervous I was for Jo when she met him, I literallycould feel her nerves radiate through the pages. 

I was really interested in the charming Lorcan and wanted to know his story. I felt the connection he shared with Jo and liked how they formed an easy going friendship from the beginning. He had a gentleness about him too, yet was also very honest how he felt about certain things when it came to Ewan.

I really enjoyed Freya’s writing style and found it very peaceful. As much as there was drama, I liked the way it was softly done. There must be another book of this series, as I need more?!

The end paragraph of the book I was smitten with and had to read it a few times; I was welling up as i finished reading it. Just delightful. My heart had completely melted after reading this.

Author Bio – 

Freya Kennedy lives in Derry, Northern Ireland, with her husband, two children, two cats and a mad dog called Izzy. She worked as a journalist for eighteen years before deciding to write full time. When not writing, she can be found reading, hanging out with her nieces and nephews, cleaning up after her children (a lot) and telling her dog that she loves her. 

She has met Michael Buble and even kissed him. It was one of her best ever moments.

She believes in happy ever afters.

Freya Kennedy is a pen name for Claire Allan, who also writes psychological thrillers.

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Book Review – A Kiss In The Snow by Rosie Green

How glad I am to be on this blog tour for Rosie’s new book in the Little Duck Pond Café series. I was happy at getting a chance to read more about Carrie. She was one of my favourite characters from Log Fires and Toffee Apple Cake at the Little Duck Pond Café, which I was routing for her in that story. This book was no different. I really enjoyed reading this book, all cosy, with my Christmas candles on, fairy lights twinkling from my Christmas tree and with a delicious hot chocolate.


A Kiss in the Snow, Little Duck Pond Café

After a cruel twist of fate sends her hurtling into a black hole of despair, Carrie is absolutely dreading the festive season – especially with sister, Krystle, being even more demanding of her time and energy than usual. But then friend Maddy offers Carrie a lifeline: the chance to get away from it all in a holiday cottage in the gorgeous little village of Silverbells. Deciding that a few weeks of tranquillity – reading, bakingand going for long walks in the countryside – might just restore her mood, Carrie is quick to take up the offer. But on arriving, it very soon becomes clear that this break is going to be anything but peaceful!

An unwelcome houseguest proves unsettling enough – especially one who whistles loudly first thing in the morning and is far too cheerful for his own good – but finding herself drawn into the spooky mystery of her missing neighbour means there really isn’t much time for personal reflection. And then love comes knocking, and Carrie is forced to decide exactly where her heart lies.

Will this festive season be the disaster Carrie predicted? Or will Santa be good to her and deliver her heart’s desire? One thing’s for sure – this will be a Christmas Carrie will never, ever forget…

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My Review

I loved this Christmas book and its cover. Set in a beautiful village called Silverbells. It had the perfect festive setting, especially as it was filled with a gorgeous snow back drop. I loved how the setting and festive activities were perfectly described, it really allowed you to visualize everything. It reminded me of those beautiful perfect Christmas cards, with a little cute village and the snowy setting. This book was about meeting new friends, a handsome man, new romance, family drama and community spirit. I was getting The Holiday vibes from this book, from that cute cottage.

Carrie a twin, just like myself. I could relate to her a lot , being their and fully supporting the twin all the time. Vice versa. I thought Krystle was self-centered and took Carrie for granted far too much though. Saying this I would like to read more about Krystle to see what goes on in her mind and get to know her character more now she’s single. See her perspective on things.

Carrie’s kind, caring nature was just what the village needed and also meeting new friends, helping people was a perfect distraction for her. I really enjoyed her easy, friendship with Anita the best. They just fitted straight away. I liked Anita too and felt for her with what she was going through.

I liked nice and friendly Ronan. There would be worse people having to share a cottage with. How he went out of his way for people was lovely. Not to forget the food and drinks he was making, just delicious. Just like he was! Hehe!

I found Adam very confusing and full of mixed messages. I really thought Carrie was better off without him and wanted to shake some sense into her. Some of the things he did was definitely questionable!

My favourite moment of the book had to be the Just Chill Ice bar. Could that have got any more amazing. I was getting all the feels from this scene. It was very romantic. Plus, Carrie had one of my favourite drinks – rhubarb gin!

I will end my review on, how lovely was Anita’s Christmas present to Carrie, what a wonderful friend.

Author Bio – 

Rosie has been scribbling stories ever since she was little.

Back then, they were rip-roaring adventure tales with a young heroine in perilous danger of falling off a cliff or being tied up by ‘the baddies’.

Thankfully, Rosie has moved on somewhat, and now much prefers to write romantic comedies that melt your heart and make you smile, with really not much perilous danger involved at all – unless you count the heroine losing her heart in love.

Her series of novellas is centred around life in a village cafe. The latest, ‘Lucy’s Great Escape’, is out now.

Rosie will be revisiting the Little Duck Pond Café with a beautiful story of love and friendship at Christmas time, entitled A Kiss in the Snow, out in October 2020.

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Book Review – Stolen Kill With Her Billionaire Boss by Susan Meier

I am becoming a massive Harlequin fan and really enjoy the romance of them all.  Thanks to Rachels tours, for opening my eyes to these books and their wonderful authors.

I read Christmas Reunion in Paris by Liz Fielding and absolutely loved it. So was extremely happy to go back to the Harrington’s. This time we got to read about James brother, Hugo.


Christmas has arrived…

And she’s spending it with her boss!

New Yorker Erin is intrigued when Hugo Harrington asks for her help on a hotel renovation in London, just weeks before Christmas! But Erin soon discovers how personal this project is to her brooding boss. Watching him wrestle with the memories of his past uncovers a side to Hugo she’s never seen. And then a stolen snowbound kiss changes everything…

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My review

As my followers on Bookstagram will know and anyone who reads my blog I love chemistry in a book. Especially when it’s electrifying like Erin’s and Hugo’s. That saying is true, ‘if you have chemistry you only need one other thing, timing’. Oh how very fitting for Erin and Hugo who are both battling with their pasts and definitely not looking for a relationship. A kiss when snowed in the hotel one night, could this be just the fun they both need?!

I loved how the story progressed and felt this book was fast paced… I read this in 4 settings and if I didn’t have work or had to get my 8 hours sleep, I could have definitely read this in one go. It was brilliant and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect. I loved the London sightseeing scenes, its made me want to hop on a train and go visit all the lights at the most wonderful time of the year. If only I could go to hotel and the Christmas Eve party!

I really warmed and took to Erin early on, I thought she was an awesome women, literally juggling everything life threw at her. I loved her no nonsense attitude, how she was with Hugo was great. Even though he was her boss, she knew how to handle him. Girl Power at its best!! I also felt for her, what she had to go through so young. Yet it also made her a badass women, with a soft side that I just loved!

Hugo was a massive control freak, a closed book, who only cared about work and getting his latest hotel up and running. Highly successful he was used to getting his own way. However you couldn’t help but have a fondness for him, plus he sounds hot!! I liked how we got to know Hugo as the book went on. His childhood Christmas memories were so sweet and lovely. In Christmas Reunion in Paris we got to briefly hear of him and his family past but this book allowed you to really find out what had happened and what made Hugo the way he was.

I don’t know what I adored more – the romance, the setting, the characters or the plot it was all wonderful.

I wouldn’t say you need to read first book, but I just really enjoyed it so would highly recommend it too.

Author Bio – 

Susan Meier is a lover of a great story and a fabulous turn of phrase. What better home for her than Mills and Boon where stories touch the heart? She found her bliss when Harlequin published her first book and hasn’t looked back. A mom of three and wife to the best guy on the planet, she loves reading almost as much as writing, and thanks the heavens for the internet and YouTube which have made research so much fun.

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Blog Tour Book Review

Book Review – The Twins by J.S. Lark

When Rachel sent out the details for this book The Twins. I was excited. I read the synopsis and jumped at the chance to join the blog tour. Firstly, it sounded amazing and interesting and secondly being an identical twin, I of course was intrigued by it. Being a twin is a special bond which Jane touches on in her book. Its a connection like no other. You know how the other one is feeling, you feel what they feel but more importantly you are never alone.

If you like physiological thrillers, then you will love this. I highly recommend it and am very glad to be part of the blog tour. 

My identical twin.


If you liked Blood Orange you will love this!

From the moment they are born, twins Susan and Sarah are inseparable.  Through good and bad, the girls will always be together…forever.
Until they meet Jonny.
Older, charming and handsome, Jonny offers the girls the much-needed love and attention they crave.  But he can only choose one and for the first time in their lives the girls find themselves split apart – the invisible thread that binds them severed.

Set-free from her twin, Sarah builds a new life for herself, marries, has a daughter.  But Susan’s life spirals further and further out of control.

And now Susan is back.  And she’s determined to reclaim everything she feels Sarah has taken from her. 

Her home, her husband…her life?

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US –

My Review

It’s one of those books that leaves you wanting to pause life, to continue reading. I started reading this Wednesday night and finished it by Friday morning. I was engrossed from the first page and really did not know what was going to happen from one page to another and I was left on tender hooks thinking what next. 

It was gripping, intense, full of so many twists even right up to the end page and disturbing but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a book that really pulls at your heartstrings.

The twins had such a hard upbringing, I really felt for them and  was emotionally involved from the beginning, especially when the story was told from their childhood. What they went through was totally soul destroying, heart-breaking and what no child should ever have to witness or be a part of. What I did love was the bond they had, even with all that going on around them, they felt safe together and wanted to protect each other. It really is like that being twin, someone always there for you as a sister and best friend. Someone you can always rely on no matter what, it’s definitely the most wonderful thing about being a twin. That and sharing clothes! 

I liked the element of the twins meeting and getting to know Jonny as he brought some much-needed happiness into their life. It was a way for them to escape their home life. Just a shame there wasn’t two of him!

I felt invested in the girls from the beginning so of course when Sarah and Susan then got separated, I really felt sorry for them. Years later Susan turns up on Sarah’s doorstep and it sparks all sort of emotions. Sarah is happily married, with a daughter, and really not interested in Susan at all. Susan having had a harder life wants to make amends and be a family.  It was great how the story went back and forth from past to present. Which built up the story and allowed you to get the picture of what happened to cause these heighten emotions and the separation of the twins. 

As well as the growing up aspect, with what the girls faced, it was also everything after that happened. Being an identical twin, I think that was one of the main reasons I found it hard and disturbing in parts. Without giving too much away, I just couldn’t imagine the jealously, lies and secrets that could come between them. That was before the story started to unravel and I soon understood! I can see why being a twin could cause competition, but this was next level. Luckily, we didn’t experience any of what they did. Or ever fancied the same boy! 

I finished the last page and just couldn’t stop thinking about it. To the point I was told by a few people close to me, it’s just a book. It didn’t happen. 

A book well written, even if dark, with deep issues, that were really sad – I loved it, and how it flowed and kept you guessing throughout. I can’t wait to read other bloggers reviews and discuss it with them. 

Author Bio – 

Jane is a coffee, chocolate and red wine lover, and a late-night writer of compelling, passionate, and emotionally charged fiction.

Jane’s books may contain love, hate, violence, death, passion, a little swearing, and an ending you are never going to forget.

Social Media Links – 



Twitter: @JaneLark

Instagram: @Jane.Lark


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Book Review – One Kiss Before Christmas by Emma Jackson

Grab a hot chocolate,  put the fire on, add a scented candle and settle down to read this, this Christmas. You wont be disappointed. I’m very glad to have been part of the blog tour.


A gorgeously romantic festive read from the author of A Mistletoe Miracle, guaranteed to warm your heart this Christmas!

Could it be the start of her happy ever after?

Ashleigh could use a little Christmas magic. She’s still living in Brighton with her Nan — who could give the Grinch lessons in how to be miserable — her acting career has been reduced to playing one of Santa’s elves, and not even the prospect of a friend’s winter wedding can cheer her up…

That is until Olivier, the gorgeous French chef, reappears in her life. Or more accurately, next door.

When they were teenagers, Olivier would spend every other Christmas with his mother, who just happens to be Ash’s neighbour and owner of the best chocolate shop in England. 

If anyone can bring a little sparkle back to Ash’s life, it’sOlivier. All she needs is one kiss before Christmas…

Feel-good and festive, this is the perfect romance to curl up with this winter!

Pre-order Link –

My Review

I enjoyed reading this romantic, feel good, Christmas book, filled with humour and lots of cosy moments. I was squealing into my hot chocolate curled up, with my Yankee candy cane candle on. It really got me in the festive mood. This was a will they wont they romance – which I just love. I love a slow burn – the anticipation of what is going to happen and was routing for them from the onset.

 Ashleigh was a bit lost, working as an elf, living with her nan and obeying by her rules. She was sweet and found it hard to let people in. Even with a few lovely friends,  she was definitely missing something extra in her life.  When Olivier her teenager friend comes back from Paris, who happens to be her next door neighbour, he would definitely life her spirits. Going through his own issues, he could also use a friend and some cheer in his life. Didn’t he sound just as delicious as his cooking, hehe! I loved their easy friendship and how comfortable they were with each other. 

Set in Brighton, which gave it a great setting and many pretty scenes.  I wont give any spoilers away, but will just touch on the basics. The Christmas market – it sounded fun and exactly what I am missing right now. The sea front  – I loved how Ashleigh just let go and had fun. Beth’s wedding – the romance of it. But my most favourite scene was the sea life centre.  It was just written perfectly, it fitted well and was just very lovely. I had all the feels reading this. It reminded me a bit like the fish tank scene in Romeo and Juliet.

This wasn’t just a book based on romance it also included family issues, being unhappy with the past and opening up to tell the people close to you how you really feel. I enjoyed this part of the story as it added another element to the story.

As well as Ashleigh and Olivier there was the wonderful Romesh, who was just a darling. I want him as a best friend. I loved how he had Ashleigh’s back all the time. They had such a sweet loving friendship. He was full of mischief, so much fun and could give Cilla Black a run for her money. He did make me laugh. Even if he was going through hard issues too.

Ashleigh’s nan was likeable even if she was a Grinch.  She meant well, with a strong personality, no wonder Ashleigh spoke her mind. I could literally picture her as that sweet little old lady, who says it how it is, sitting by her window watching the street go by.   

I do love a Christmas book and in my opinion its never too early to read them. After all what brings you joy, you should do more off and this book did just that. I have about 12 Christmas books on my list after this one. I just love the magical time of year and love reading about people taking risks more then they usually would to make themselves happy.

Author Bio – Author of the Best Selling A MISTLETOE MIRACLE and contender for the Joan Hessayon Award 2020, Emma has been a devoted bookworm and secret-story-scribbler since she was 6 years old. When she’s not running around after her two daughters and trying to complete her current work-in-progress, Emma loves to read, bake, catch up on binge-watching TV programmes with her partner and plan lots of craft projects that will inevitably end up unfinished. Her latest romantic comedy, SUMMER IN THE CITY, was released in June 2020.

Emma also writes historical and fantasy fiction as Emma S Jackson. THE DEVIL’S BRIDE was published by DarkStrokein February 2020.

You can find out news about Emma via her website, by signing up to her newsletter at or on:
Twitter: @ESJackson1

Instagram: @emma_s_jackson

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Book Review

Book Review: Love Offline by Olivia Spring

Im so glad to be joining in with the birthday blitz for this amazing five star read.

To celebrate Olivia’s book birthday I am re posting my review from last year when I was very lucky to be given a chance to read Love Offline by the lovely Olivia. As soon as I read the Synopsis, I knew I would love this book.


Love Offline: Looking For Romance In Real Life

Emily’s Struggling To Find Romance Online. Will Ditching The Dating Apps Lead To True Love? 

Online dating isn’t working for introvert Emily. Although she’s comfortable swiping right at home in her PJs, the idea of going out to meet a guy in person fills her with dread. 

So when her best friend challenges her to ditch the apps, attend a load of awkward singles’ events and find love in real life, Emily wants to run for the hills. 

Then she meets Josh. He’s handsome, kind and funny, but Emily’s had her heart crushed before and knows he’s hiding something… 

Is Josh too good to be true? Can Emily learn to trust again and if she does, will it lead to love or more heartache? 

Love Offline is a fun, sexy, entertaining story about friendship, stepping outside of your comfort zone and falling in love the old-fashioned way. Ideal for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare.

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Love Offline is available to read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. It is also available to read for FREE in Prime Reading until late November.

My Review

If I could sum this up in three words it would be fun, flirty and fabulous.

This is a great book about getting your heart broken, true friendships and discovering who you really are. Whilst also touching on real life issues of the pressure of social media and mental health that comes with too much screen time.

The lovely Emily is terrified of getting back out there after a failed relationship with the man she thought she would marry.  Working from home she seeks solitude there in the comfort of her pj’s, sitting on her phone wasting hours scrolling through people’s social media and dating apps where no one can hurt her there! How is she ever going to get out of the rut she is in. That is until her best friend the wonderful Chloe steps in.

Chloe is the best friend every one of us needs, caring, honest and brings cake at every drama Emily face. Bonus! Their friendship was just so lovely, you really did feel all Chloe wanted was the best for Emily.  Without giving too much away, I loved what Chloe did for Emily, setting her tasks and taking her shopping. You could see the confidence growing back and Chloe also brought out a feisty side to Emily that I loved.

I was laughing throughout the whole book, especially at some of the interesting characters Emily met along the way. Henry being one of them, you would not want to meet him at speed dating!! Single or in a relationship I recommend this book. It has plenty of feel good and laugh out loud moments with the added cringe moments of dating we have all face in life. I know I can relate to a lot of how Emily felt after a break up and how hard it was trying to get back out there. Wish I had this book then! Only bad thing is it did make me want to go speed dating for the giggles (just don’t think my partner would like that now)!

As much as dating online works for some people, being the hopeless romantic I am I do also believe in the old fashion way and what Chloe was trying to do for Emily. Love has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it. But with whom in Emily’s case. You must read this to find out.

Author Bio – 

Olivia Spring is a British, London-based writer of contemporary women’s fiction, sexy chick lit and romantic comedy. Her uplifting debut novel ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin’, which was released in July 2018, deals with being newly single in your thirties and beyond, dating, relationships, love, sex and living life to the full.

Olivia published three novels in 2019: ‘Only When It’s Love’, ‘Losing My Inhibitions’ and ‘Love Offline’. ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin in Italy’, the hotly anticipated sequel to ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin’ and Olivia’s fifth novel, was published in July 2020. 

When she’s not writing, Olivia can be found making regular trips to Italy to indulge in pasta, pizza and gelato and of course, seeking inspiration for her next book!

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