Hello and welcome to my blog ! I am Leane 

My biggest passion in life is books. I love reading and will always have my head in a book. If I’m not reading I will be reviewing books or chatting to my lovely followers on my Instagram book page. Its such a great community where I have spoken with lots of people from all over the world. We all share thoughts on the books we have read, discuss our TBR pile and our general love of books. I am also known for spending ages in a book store. 

I mainly read contemporary romance, drama’s and suspense. Basically any chick lit. At the end of last year i got into thrillers and i love good murder mystery of who done it.

I have also started to read non fiction where this is opening my eyes to real issues in the world that I usually wouldn’t get to know as much as I have by reading the book. Which is wonderful.

If you would like to get some recommendations just ask away.

Apart from books my other passion is travelling. I love the excitement of visiting a new place, exploring and not knowing what you are going to stumble upon. Falling in love with that places culture, food and sights is just wonderful. Equally I do love sitting on a white sandy beach with clear water to swim in and a cocktail in my hand.