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Book Review – The Middle Aged Virgin In Italy

It’s my turn on the blog tour today and how delighted I am. Thank you Olivia for letting me be part of it. 


Can a holiday romance lead to long-term love?

When Sophia moves to Tuscany to be with Lorenzo, she dreams of finally having it all: the amazing boyfriend, the baby she’s always wanted, the great career and the fairy-tale life in an idyllic town. But the reality is very different…

The only Italian Sophia seems to have mastered since arriving is pastaprosecco and gelato. She suddenly finds herself dealing with Lorenzo’s meddling mother and juggling caring for her son with running a business hundreds of miles away, and there’s a problem in the bedroom department…

Despite Lorenzo being hotter than chilli sauce, since becoming a mum, Sophia has zero desire to get jiggy. None. After several months without any action, she’s in danger of becoming a Middle-Aged Virgin. Again.

Can Sophia get her sex life back? Will her holiday romance go the distance so she can find her happily-ever-after in Italy? 

Join Sophia on her laugh-out-loud Italian adventures today as she steps out of her comfort zone and attempts to relight her fire and enjoy la dolce vita with hilarious encounters along the way.

My review:

If you have seen my Instagram stories over the last few days, you will know how much I have enjoyed and laughed out loud so many times during this book. I absolutely loved it. It was fun, sexy and very funny. With a good plot around relationships. Also set in Italy. What is not to love?! 

Strong, career driven Sophia moves to Italy to be with her dishy boyfriend Lorenzo. Leaving a great support network, which includes two amazing best friends. Bella and Roxy who are based in London. Knowing no one, the area or the language and still having to run her London business, it’s not as easy as she thought. Especially since becoming a mum and facing the new mum challenges. This new life is the complete opposite to what she knows. 

Sophia does what she does best to sort her new life out – makes a list. The amount of  laugh out loud moments whilst working on this list will stay with me a long time. 

Lorenzo was the most loviest, calm and understanding boyfriend and really looked out for Sophia. Their relationship really was special. One big issue. The mother in law. Who of course  Lorenzo was really close to his mum and would do anything for. Oh I do love books with mother in laws featured, as I adore my mil so much. She is supportive, caring, lovely and we have a great relationship. The total opposite to what Sophia faces in Italy. 

I loved all the characters but Geli needs a special shout out, wasn’t she just brilliant?!Roxy is defo the naughty best friend and Bella the good best friend, together they are the perfect combination for Sophia. I loved their friendship. 

I was so excited throughout this and loved all the unexpected surprises. I love it when your reading a book and not expecting something and it happens and it leaves you squealing in delight or laughing your head off. It’s a must read.

The Middle Aged Virgin

Whilst this new release can be read as a standalone, if you want to read book one in the series, The Middle-Aged Virgin first, it’s currently 99p on Amazon for a limited time ( Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for FREE.

It’s equally as brilliant. I definitely recommend them both. You get a feel for both Sophia and Lorenzo. You get to witness how, where it first started and their chemistry. Which was just electrifying. You also get to know Bella and Roxy. Who are both amazing in their own way. Naughty Roxy, the fun, loving, party girl who just wants to live life to the full. Good girl Bella, who is happily married with a little boy and always sees the best in people. She’s like Sophia’s voice of reason, where as Roxy is like the devil on her shoulder. When they get together as a trio, they are hilarious.

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