Hello December. This really is the most wonderful time of the year and my favourite month. I love that everyone is very happy and excited for Christmas. As amazing as Christmas day is; spending it with your loved ones, receiving lots of lovely pressies and just being merry. I will admit I love the build-up just as much. 

All the festive celebrations, ranging from the Christmas markets, to work parties, to children playing in the school play. It’s all just so wonderful, not to forget the mulled wine, cheese and wine evenings and digging out your old faithful Christmas jumper. 

Also, my favourite books come out in full force. I just love a Christmas book, they are full of so much promise and romance, in wonderful dreamy settings. 

I am loving all the festive pictures on Instagram and was going to do a Happy December post and then I thought no let’s make your own Christmas tree out of books. So, this is what I did. Picture attached. 

However, my five-year-old niece was quick to point out “it’s not a tree it’s a tunnel of books with lights on” Haha i did have to laugh at her. 

I hope that you all are enjoying the start of your December. Please feel free to message me your favourite festive book or if you are reading a good Christmas book and would like to share equally comment.

I will add if anyone is suffering at this time of year then my thoughts are with you all. As much as this is a great time of year for some, I also know it’s a sad time for some people. My love goes out to each one of you

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